University of Baltimore

Member since: 2023
Student population: 3,325

Why We Value Being a Member of the Maryland Collaborative

As an institution that proudly serves a wide range of students, we recognize that substance use is an issue present in all phases of life. While we are an institution that is different by design, we aspire to provide purposeful interventions and supports to our students via education, connection with community resources, and cultivating a community of support.

The opportunity to partner with the Maryland Collaborative provides us with another excellent resource to help better support our students and to better understand our community’s needs.

Campus Council and Governance Council Members

  • Campus Council members: Pavan Purswani, Director for Student Support & Stephen Mogar, Case Manager for Student Health
  • Governance Council: President Kurt L. Schmoke

About the School

From its beginnings, The University of Baltimore has granted educational access to a remarkably wide range of students. We’ve been educating leaders for nearly 100 years; you know us through our faculty’s outstanding research and teaching; you know us thanks to the hard work and dedication of our alumni, students and staff. You know us because we are The University of Baltimore.

Our 70-plus undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs and certificates are aligned with high-demand careers. Our classes are delivered in flexible formats—day, evening, weekend, online—to fit your life and your schedule.

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