Campus Council

Member school campus administrators working to reduce excessive drinking on their campuses.

Renee Gibson
Student Support Coordinator & Operations Specialist, Allegany College of Maryland

Kevin Hunter
Director of Student Affairs, College of Southern Maryland

Erin Ebersole
Associate Vice President of Planning, Institutional Effectiveness and Research, College of Southern Maryland

Jennifer Fossell
Mental Health and Emotional Wellness, College of Southern Maryland

Don Swogger
SAFE Office Director and BURG Advisor, Frostburg State University

Shelley Menear
Director of Equity and Compliance, Garrett College

Nicole Johnson
Associate Dean of Students, Goucher College

Tiffany Justice
Captain, Campus Safety, Goucher College

Kimberly Meisel
Director of Academic Advising and Support, Goucher College

Tim Moslener
Mental Health Counselor, Goucher College

Jean Perez
Director of Wellness, Goucher College

Ron Wiafe
Dean of Students, Hood College

Amanda Rzepkowski
Director of Wellness, Hood College

Jacki Stone
Director of Student Well-Being, Johns Hopkins University

Elora Orazio
Alcohol and Other Drugs Education Specialist, Johns Hopkins University

Mary Beth Mudric
Director, Office of Student Support and Wellness Promotion, Loyola University Maryland

Laura Knox
Counselor/Substance Abuse Prevention, McDaniel College

Brandy Garlic
Associate Vice President for Student Life, Notre Dame Maryland University

Danielle Lico
Executive Director, Campus Wellness, St. John’s College

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Derek Young
Director of Residence Life, St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Tiffany Cox Arrington
Case Manager for Student Affairs, Salisbury University

Dane Foust
Vice President of Student Affairs, Salisbury University

Anthony Skevakis
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, Dean of Students, Towson University

Emily Sears
Manager of Substance Education, Treatment and Prevention Services, Towson University

Zack Hitchens
Substance Abuse Services, Towson University

Jaclyn Webber
ATOD Health Educator, Towson University

LT Nathaniel Albia
U.S. Naval Academy

Warren Kelley
Senior Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, University of Maryland, College Park

Patty Perillo
Vice President of Student Affairs

Julia Matute
Assistant Director, Health Promotion and Wellness Services, University of Maryland, College Park

Madeleine Moore
Alcohol and Other Drugs Program Coordinator, Health Promotion and Wellness Services, University of Maryland, College Park

Nancy Young
Vice President of Student Affairs, University of Maryland Baltimore County

Samantha Smith
Assistant Director of Health Promotion, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Lauresa Wigfall
Director of Campus Health Center, University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Latoya Jenkins
Interim Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Engagement

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