Notre Dame of Maryland University

Member since: 2013
Student population:  2,277

Why We Value Being a Member of the Maryland Collaborative

“We use evidence based strategies in all aspects of higher education. It just makes sense to be a part of a consortium of other colleges and Universities in Maryland using evidence to work toward the same goal – reducing college drinking and related problems. Being involved with the Maryland Collaborative has assisted our students, enhanced our policies, improved our practices and expanded our programs in leaps and bounds since joining.” – Dr. Brandy Garlic

Campus Council and Governance Council Members

  • Campus Council member: Meaghan Davidson, Associate Vice President for Student Life; Nick Wright, Associate Dean of Students for Case Management and Community Standards.
  • Governance Council: Marylou Yam, PhD, President of Notre Dame of Maryland University.

About the School

Notre Dame of Maryland University is a Catholic, liberal arts college committed to transforming women and men in to leaders who change the world. Flexible undergraduate and graduate programs challenge students to strive for intellectual and professional excellence, to build inclusive communities, to engage in service to others, and to promote social responsibility.

Founded and sponsored by the School Sisters of Notre Dame, Notre Dame was established as a four-year college in 1895 and was the first Catholic college for women in the United States to award the four-year baccalaureate degree. The College has expanded its educational reach through innovative programs for women and men: Women’s College, College of Adult Undergraduate Studies and Graduate Studies – including a Ph.D. program – and the School of Pharmacy, offering the Doctor of Pharmacy degree. The English Language Institute (ELI) offers English as a second language and American culture classes. The Renaissance Institute is a noncredit membership program for students age 50 and older. A Child’s Place is a pre-elementary school for kids age 3 to 6 years old.

Notre Dame students and faculty members come from a variety of backgrounds, bringing diverse perspectives to the academic community. The College’s 16,000 alumnae have become leaders in a full range of professional fields and have made important contributions to family and community life throughout the country and world.

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