Goucher College

Member since: 2015
Student population:  2,170

Why We Value Being a Member of the Maryland Collaborative

Having a relationship with the Maryland Collaborative gives us access to resources, trainings, and evidence-based strategies that help us take a public health approach to reducing harms associated with alcohol and substance use on our campus.  The Campus Alcohol Survey has been beneficial to inform us of our culture of substance use on campus and the Collaborative helps us to identify best practices to address those issues.  Additionally, we can see how substance use impacts other areas, such as mental health and sexual violence, so that we can take a comprehensive approach to prevention in those areas as well. 

Campus Council and Governance Council Members

About the School

Goucher College is a small college with a big view of the world – an intellectual community without boundaries. Here, students are prepared to embark on a life of inquiry and discovery, creativity, and analytical thinking; the expectation is that Goucher graduates will go on to make a positive difference in the world. At Goucher College, we are known for our academic rigor, our never-ending curiosity about the world around us; and the high caliber of our faculty, students, and staff. Goucher students are able to put their learning into action through collaborative research in the natural sciences, guest residencies of renowned professors, service-learning programs that support local communities, unique internships, and international study.

Building on these strengths, our vision for a liberal arts education grows from the understanding that in the 21st century, every academic inquiry and intellectual endeavor has a global context. In all of our 18 undergraduate departments, we encourage our students to explore their intellectual interests in ways that transcend the boundaries of traditional disciplines. Goucher’s well-known study-abroad requirement – which comes with a great deal of curricular flexibility and a $1,200 stipend to help defray travel costs – is just one of the college’s distinctive assets. Another is its soon-to-open Athenaeum: Part high-tech library, part public forum, part art gallery, part café, and many other parts, this new flagship building at the center of campus is “all Goucher.” The Athenaeum assumes an integrated, harmonious place within a pedestrian-friendly, architecturally unified campus. The numerous, world-class lecturers who visit this beautiful campus every year give our students the opportunity to step up and ask important questions of important people. The college’s environmental initiatives, both curricular and extracurricular, have derived much of their direction and momentum from the suggestions and activities of our students. And Goucher’s greatest strength may well be its abiding sense of community—at once expansive and inclusive.

For 125 years, Goucher has served a bright, bold, and motivated student population. Numbering some 1,400 undergraduates and representing 43 states and 10 countries, our students arrive at Goucher prepared to excel academically and eager to take advantage of the many resources offered on campus and in nearby Baltimore and Washington, DC. Our 287-acre, beautifully landscaped campus boasts comfortable residence halls, a modern athletic complex and playing fields, stables, and miles of wooded trails to fulfill our student explorers.

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