Garrett College

Member since: 2015
Student population: Average 650-700

Why We Value Being a Member of the Maryland Collaborative

Garrett College believes in the work of the Maryland Collaborative and the importance of reducing underage drinking and general alcohol consumption by college students, both of which can lead to serious health and societal problems.

Campus Council and Governance Council Members

About the School

Garrett College is an affordable, public two-year community college, located in scenic western Maryland near Deep Creek Lake. The 62-acre main campus is in McHenry, Maryland and the College’s three outreach centers are located in the towns of Accident, Grantsville, and Oakland. Garrett is noted for its small class sizes, caring faculty and staff, and personalized instruction.

Garrett College offers degree, transfer, and certificate programs that prepare students for careers and/or further study in the following areas: Addictions Counseling, Business Administration, Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Electrical Engineering and Pre-Allied Health, Sports Management and Teacher Education. Statewide programs include Adventure Sports Management and Natural Resources and Wildlife Technology.

Garrett College manages two on-campus residence halls (accommodating up to 184 students) and offers a rich social and extra-curricular life for all students. A competitive intercollegiate athletic program within the NJCAA includes men’s and women’s basketball; men’s baseball; women’s volleyball and softball; cross country, wrestling, and golf.

Through the College’s Continuing Education and Workforce Development division, Garrett offers non-credit career training programs leading to industry-recognized credentials in Allied Health, Construction & Building Maintenance, Manufacturing, and Transportation; customized training opportunities, and personal interest courses within the community.

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