Allegany College of Maryland

Member since: 2013
Student population: 2,057 (Fall 2020)

Why We Value Being a Member of the Maryland Collaborative

Allegany College of Maryland volunteered to join after the Maryland Collaborative approached the Maryland Association of Community College’s President’s affinity group for representation from a two-year college. Allegany College of Maryland values the Maryland Collaborative’s hard work to collect and analyze student data in the bi-annual surveys, to suggest strategies to improve our students’ experience, and to share resources including statewide, comparative data as well as research and best practices.

Campus Council and Governance Council Members

  • Campus Council member: Renee Gibson, Student Support Coordinator & Operations Specialist.
  • Governance Council: Cynthia Bambara, Ph.D., Allegany College of Maryland President

About the School

Allegany College of Maryland (ACM), the community’s college in Allegany County and serving Western Maryland and the surrounding region, was founded in 1961. In fall 1996, with the College’s role in the region continuing to expand, the College was renamed Allegany College of Maryland to reflect changes in its mission.

ACM is a public two-year college that provides quality, comprehensive educational programs, training and services at reasonable cost. In addition to its main campus in Cumberland, Maryland, ACM also has a campus in Bedford County, Pennsylvania and teaching sites in Downtown Cumberland, Garrett County, Maryland, and Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Educational offerings include credit career programs that provide skills for prompt employment, credit transfer programs that provide the first two years of a bachelor’s degree, and comprehensive, continuing education offerings for lifelong learning. Of special interest to students across Maryland are 7 Statewide Designated associate degree and certificate programs and 17 degree and certificate curricula in Maryland’s Health Manpower Shortage Programs effort. Students who seek careers in the diverse allied health care, hospitality and technology fields will find ample opportunities to prepare for successful careers in the 54 ACM programs –23 associate degree and 31 certificate — included in these two State initiatives. In addition, ACM offers 23 transfer programs, and 10 letters of recognition.

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