Promising Social Host Law | 10/17/16


Social Host Ordinance Showing Promise in Stemming Loud,

Unruly Parties


On Oct. 16th, the Baltimore County social host ordinance was featured on the front page of the Baltimore Sun, “Law lessens unruly parties”.

Enacted by the Baltimore County Council in January 2016, the social host ordinance was adopted to serve as a tool for law enforcement to help stop and prevent loud and unruly parties off campus.

The Baltimore County Police Department has issued 16 citations since the law was adopted and early reports of the law’s effectiveness are showing promise.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Towson University officials cite having fewer complaint calls from the public about loud parties, reporting nine calls during the first two months this year compared to 36 complaint calls the first two months during the 2015-2016 academic year.

“Things have quieted down a lot,” says Christian Estes, a Burkleigh Square homeowner. “There have been several factors. The university has been great in working with us. So has the Towson precinct. But word has gotten around about the ordinance.”

Baltimore City and the Town of Princess Anne have also adopted social host ordinances to address loud and unruly parties.