Social Host Policies

Social Host Policies

Addressing excessive drinking and loud, unruly parties


Several communities in Maryland have passed social host ordinances as a way to address the problems emanating from loud and unruly parties. Under the new laws, police can write civil citations on the spot, similar to a speeding ticket, to the property owner, property manager, community management company, occupants and/or tenants when a loud and unruly party takes place. These types of ordinances have been known to reduce excessive drinking and related problems and reduce police calls for service.

To learn more about the three Maryland social host ordinances, read the fact sheets below.


Baltimore City

The City Council amended its Neighborhood Nuisance law in June 2015 to provide neighborhoods with a new tool to more effectively address loud and unruly parties.






Baltimore County

The County Council passed a new law in January 2016, a two-year pilot program impacting three geographic areas in Baltimore County where the majority of loud and unruly parties have been reported. The new law, not only provides civil citations similar to Baltimore City, but also provides for a potential suspension or revocation of a rental license required to rent property in the County after multiple citations within a 24 month period are issued.





Town of Princess Anne

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The Town Commission passed a new social host law in April 2016, providing an additional tool for law enforcement to reduce the number and severity of underage drinking and loud and unruly parties. The new law was modeled after the Baltimore City ordinance.