Fact Sheets and Evidence Briefs

Fact Sheets and Evidence Briefs

Learn more about growing areas of concern about college drinking.

These fact sheets and evidence briefs are intended for college

administrators, faculty and staff.


Fact Sheets

Alcohol and the College Student Brain

Learn more about how alcohol harms brain structures that carry out learning, memory, and information processing tasks and can impede their progress toward reaching their goals.


Collegiate Recovery Programs: A Win-Win Proposition for Students and Colleges

This fact sheet will explain what Collegiate Recovery Programs are, their benefits and how they are used to support students who are in recovery from substance use disorders.


Extreme-Strength Alcohol

Find out more about extreme-strength alcohol, better known as grain alcohol, and what state policy makers are doing to prevent its threat to college students.


Parental Notification: Considerations for College Administrators

This fact sheet helps college administrators understand when and how to notify a parent whose college-aged child has been involved in an alcohol-related incident.


Powdered Alcohol

This fact sheet explains why public health professionals and state government officials have raised concerns about powdered alcohol.



Evidence Briefs


Key Findings from The Maryland Collaborative

This evidence review describes the findings of the multilevel, multicomponent statewide initiative.

Sexual Assault and Alcohol: What the Research Evidence Tells Us

This evidence review summarizes the the complex scientific literature on the relationship between alcohol use and sexual assault. This resource highlights the importance of reducing alcohol use among college students as one component of a multi-faceted approach to preventing sexual assault on college campuses.