College of Southern Maryland

Member since: 2015
Student population:  26,000

Why We Value Being a Member of the Maryland Collaborative

The Maryland Collaborative helps us support the health, safety, and success of our students and strengthen the economic vitality of a diverse and changing region.

Campus Council and Governance Council Members

About the School

The College of Southern Maryland is a public, regional community college with a far-reaching mission – to help our students and community meet the challenges of individual, social, and global changes.

Founded in 1958 when the Charles County Community College was established as part of the continuing expansion of the community college in America, the college officially became the College of Southern Maryland (CSM), a regional college serving Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary’s counties on July 1, 2000.

Today, CSM is known as a progressive, innovative, and technologically-advanced institution.

With four locations, CSM offers an array of associate’s degree programs and brokers several bachelor-degree programs locally through partnerships with colleges and universities. With over 21,000 credit and continuing education students, CSM offers over 120 programs of study as well as hundreds of continuing education courses and cultural enrichment activities.

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