Maryland College Alcohol Survey

The Maryland Collaborative designed the Maryland College Alcohol Survey (MD-CAS) to collect standardized information for member schools on the levels of alcohol use and excessive drinking among college students on their campuses. MD-CAS is administered annually or biennially at member schools and includes questions on the level of alcohol use and other related substances, access and availability to alcohol, risk factors associated with excessive alcohol use, harms experienced from students’ own alcohol use, and harms students experience because of other students’ drinking. Additionally, MD-CAS allows campuses the flexibility to assess newly arising concerns in a timely manner by supporting campus-specific questions each year.

Member schools use the annual data from MD-CAS to drive their decision making and inform programming and policies, resulting in more efficient use of resources and better targeting of current student needs. Additionally, MD-CAS provides the ability to measure and evaluate the impact of campus strategies and interventions.

FAQs – Maryland College Alcohol Survey (MD-CAS)

A survey designed to measure levels of alcohol use and excessive drinking, the alcohol-related consequences that drinkers experience, and the harms students experience as a result of other students’ drinking.

How long does the survey take?
The survey is expected to take 10 minutes to complete.

What questions will be asked?
Questions focus on how much and how often a student drinks alcohol, attitudes about alcohol, and experiences around the use of alcohol. 

What kinds of students will be asked to complete the survey?
A random sample of 18- to 25-year-old full-time undergraduate students from colleges across the state of Maryland will be chosen and asked to participate in the survey.

Will the data be kept confidential?
All survey responses will be kept completely confidential. A student’s status at school will not be affected in any way by their decision to participate or their answers to the survey.

Still have questions?
If you have questions or concerns about MD-CAS, contact

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