2014 MD-CAS Report

Maryland College Alcohol Survey


This report describes the process of creating and administering the Maryland College Alcohol Survey (MD-CAS), and provides the aggregate results of the data collected from students in the first year of the survey (2014). Ten schools participated in the first annual MD-CAS; aggregate results from 4,209 students from nine of those schools are presented in this report.

The survey was designed to measure levels of alcohol use and excessive drinking, the alcohol-related consequences that drinkers experience, and the harms students experience as a result of other students’ drinking. The survey included questions on suspected risk factors for excessive drinking relating to: 1) access and availability; 2) attitudes and expectations about use of alcohol and its perceived benefits; 3) early exposure to alcohol; and 4) parental influences. Doing this permits the participating schools to quantify the contribution of these risk factors and target interventions to address salient issues.